The Latest in Cool Auto Technology

Technology is always improving in modern vehicles. So much so that it can be hard to keep up with all the lights, symbols and buttons in a new car. Some are designed to protect you and your vehicle – and some are just plain fun.

You may not want all the latest technology in your next vehicle. But it doesn’t hurt to find out what’s available. Modern inventions can be cool or simply beautiful to look at, and some of them also provide convenience, safety, and solutions to people’s driving needs.

Check out the latest technologies that are commonly found in vehicles today:

Ambient Lighting Throughout Your Vehicle’s Interior

Nothing says you love hanging out in your car like cool ambient lights that change colors. Motor Trend explains that these interior (sometimes LED) lights have been mounted around the cabin to enhance different design features. Subtle illumination inside of the car can even be soothing for the driver and passengers. Where might you find these attractive enhancements?

  • In the foot wells
  • Near the door and dash trim
  • Cupholders
  • Climate control vents
  • Speaker surrounds

Some options allow you to customize the color of the lighting and even set it to pulsate in time with your audio system. At the very least, it might make it easier to find your cup holder and dashboard controls when driving at night.

Zoned Climate Control Features

Don’t you hate driving with someone who is always cold or hot? Perhaps what you need is a multi-zone climate control feature that addresses the needs of individuals in different parts of the car. They provide different temperature settings for the left and right sides of the car, and possibly also for the front and rear.

The latest climate control features might be just what you need to survive in the unforgiving summer heat.

Blind Spot and Cross Traffic Alerts

More technology is being designed to alert drivers who may be straying out of their lanes and into danger. Here are four crucial things to know about these capabilities:

  1. In newer vehicles, sensors can detect if there is a car or motorcycle in your blind spot and will alert the driver on the side mirrors.
  2. Others will make a noise to let you know you may be out of your lane.
  3. A rear cross-traffic alert uses radar units and noise alerts to let drivers know if someone is approaching.
  4. Meanwhile, a front cross-traffic alert can be helpful if you’re moving out of a blind spot like an alley by alerting you that someone is in your path.

Mobile Apps for Your Car

There’s an app for everything these days, and the same goes for your vehicle. Some of the most popular smartphone apps that drivers use can display key maintenance features and handle a whole range of needs:

  • Remotely lock and unlock car doors
  • Check the status of fuel level
  • Check your tire pressure
  • Remotely start the vehicle
  • Tell you how much gas you have left
  • Alert the remaining range in an EV

Speaking of phones, your next vehicle may offer both wireless connectivity as well as charging for all of your family’s devices.

360-Degree Camera

Want something that could help your teen driver reduce damage to your car?

Some cars today come with cameras on each side of the vehicle. This feature enables the driver to see a near-complete virtual image of their surroundings while driving. This technology can be helpful in any environment where it’s difficult to see what is coming from the right or the left behind you and is particularly helpful when parking a large vehicle. According to Kelley Blue Book, it may also reduce insurance claims from low-speed crashes.

Cool Electric Vehicle (EV) Technology

Your next electric vehicle (EV) may contain yet more cool new features. Some systems enable you to preheat (or pre-cool) your car while it is plugged in and charging. And you might even be able to use some of that battery power to connect to appliances using an adapter.

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