The Heat Threat and Your Vehicle

Not only people suffer from heat exposure, so can other items, cars among them. Though cars are extremely durable, heat can cause damage under the right conditions.

This may mean a driver has to seek repairs for the vehicle. They might wonder if their auto insurance covers heat damage.

How Heat Impacts Vehicles

Most people leave their vehicles parked in the hot sun without a second thought. Even during the hottest periods, most cars can withstand the high temperatures. However, what many drivers forget is how temperatures may cause inconspicuous damage.

Heat is a very powerful weapon. Just as heat exposure may cause sunstroke in humans, it might cause unique problems in vehicles.

  • Car windshields can to withstand extremely tough conditions. However, weakened or poor-quality windshields might crack or corrode during excessive heat. Heat causes glass to expand and contract. If the glass already suffers from structural weaknesses, damage could develop quickly. Windshield replacement is often expensive. Therefore, drivers should routinely inspect their windshields for cracks, corrosion or weakness.
  • Heat places excessive strain on engines, batteries and a car’s combustion systems. These systems have water and coolant components to help keep them from overheating. If the cooling system suffers from neglect or damage, heat might lead to damage within the engine. Damage might become expensive to repair. Furthermore, a failed cooling system may affect other areas of the vehicle.
  • Changes in temperature routinely affect a car’s tire pressure. With the incorrect tire pressure, a vehicle can face control issues that may make it harder to drive. The wrong pressure also raises the risk of flats or tire collapses. Should tire pressure lead to a failure while driving, an accident could occur.

Therefore, drivers should remain aware of the risks that heat poses to vehicles. Before damages have time to take root, drivers can often repair them.

Car Insurance and Heat Damage

More often than not, car insurance will not cover damage from excessive heat. Some policies may even exclude heat damage from coverage.

Policies usually do not cover what they call normal wear and tear, or otherwise preventable damage. Heat damage often arises from existing problems. Therefore, policies may not cover them because you might have been able to take steps to prevent them. This is why it is so important for drivers to maintain their vehicles.

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