Most Common Misconceptions about Electric Vehicles (EVs)

You’ve probably heard a lot about electric vehicles (EVs) lately – and have likely seen one or two of them on the road. Yet there are still a lot of misconceptions about EVs that can make it hard to know whether buying one is even feasible, let alone a good decision for you and your family.

Car shopping always requires a bit of research, especially as automakers introduce more battery cars and plug-in hybrid options. Below, check out some of the most common myths about EVs. In most cases, what you’ll find is that the truth is nuanced, and public perceptions may still be catching up with lower costs and advancements in technology.

Myth 1: EVs Are Too Expensive to Buy and Maintain.

There is no denying that buying an EV can be a hefty investment up front. But they are often cheaper to maintain than traditional gas-powered cars over time. This is because electric cars:

  • Don’t require oil changes
  • Won’t need exhaust system work
  • Lack a need for other repairs associated with gas-powered cars
  • Are immune to rises in gas prices

The battery may need to be replaced eventually, but this cost should be far less than what you would pay for regular maintenance on a gas-powered vehicle over the years.

Best of all, many states offer tax incentives and discounts when it comes to purchasing an EV. Take a look at the Qualified Plug-In Electric-Drive Motor Vehicle Tax Credit to see how much you can save. Also, find out what aid is available in your area to see if it will bring down the price of a car enough for it to be affordable for you.

Myth 2: Charging Takes Too Long and Is Inconvenient.

When it comes to charging your EV, you can choose between plugging it into a home charger or using public charging stations. Home chargers usually provide power faster than public charging stations, which can take 30 minutes or more depending on the needs of your particular vehicle.

However, most people don’t need to charge their cars all the way before taking off – just enough for their daily commute. So if you’re only going out for errands or small trips throughout the day, then charging won’t be as big of an issue as you think! This is one area where developments are continuously making the situation easier and more accessible for EV drivers.

Myth 3: EVs Aren’t as Powerful as Gas-Powered Engines.

Ever heard of Formula E, an all-electric auto race? Times are changing. This myth has been somewhat debunked, since electric sports cars began outperforming some of their competitors in terms of speed and acceleration.

If you’re looking for power, you may still end up with a traditional gas guzzler. But many electric cars now come with just as much torque as their gasoline counterparts.

True: Electric and Hybrid Cars Are Getting Easier to Purchase and Own

The good news is that EVs are becoming more affordable each year. For example, according to Car and Driver, a 2022 all-electric Nissan Leaf costs $28,495, well below what a similar car would have cost a decade ago. It’s one reason more drivers than ever are seriously considering buying or leasing a hybrid or electric vehicle. They are particularly popular among people who want better performance without sacrificing power or efficiency.

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Advancements in technology are making EVs increasingly powerful, even when compared to traditional gas-powered engines. As more folks demand solutions that are better for our environment, they are turning toward a growing list of efficient yet reliable EVs.

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