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The DMV may require you to provide an SR-22 in addition to your car insurance if you drive under the influence of a drug or alcohol, drive without proper insurance, are a habitual traffic offender, or are involved in a motor vehicle accident.

Things to Know About SR-22 Insurance

  • An SR-22 must be carried for a designated time period, depending on the severity of your violations.
  • Most offenders can expect to have an SR-22 for up to three years. During this time, you must maintain continuous liability coverage.
  • Any break in coverage will be reported to the state, resulting in the suspension of your license.
  • On top of securing adequate insurance, drivers with an SR-22 status should adhere to traffic laws and refrain from driving after alcohol consumption.
  • After the proper fulfillment of this time period, a driver’s SR-22 status will expire, and driving privileges will be restored.

How Much Does SR-22 Insurance Cost?

The cost of premiums varies depending on the severity of your violations. Minor offenses, such as neglecting to pay a parking ticket, are often paired with more affordable policies. However, major offenses, such as drinking under the influence, are more likely to raise your premiums. To get a free quote, call us today for more information on SR-22 insurance.

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