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Best Midwestern Road Trips to Take This Fall

If your car is in good shape and you’re protected with car insurance, then hitting the road is an ideal way to experience a whole spectrum of spectacular autumn landscapes. We have a few ideas on where to get started.

What to Know About the Gears in Your Vehicle

In case these weren’t all covered in Drivers Ed, here’s some great information about the gears in your vehicle. Learning about a vehicle’s gears is important for any driver.

Top Reasons People Use Roadside Service

While there are many reasons why drivers use roadside service, not everyone needs to opt for a special plan or membership. Still, it’s always good to be sure what your insurance plan covers. Ask an auto insurance agent if you’re already covered for roadside assistance.

The Latest in Cool Auto Technology

Modern inventions can be cool or simply beautiful to look at, and some of them also provide convenience, safety, and solutions to people’s driving needs. Check out the latest technologies that are commonly found in vehicles today.

Heading Out of Town? Here Are Some of the Country’s Best Known Roads

For many people, summer is the time to pack your bags and hit the road with friends, family or solo. Whether you’re trekking from California to New York or from Las Vegas to Miami, learn about some of the most popular roads to add to your itinerary that will make your summer road trip memorable and enjoyable for everyone.

Most Important Types of Coverage for Your Vehicle

As the owner of a vehicle, you are probably aware that investing in auto insurance coverage is important. However, with so many types of insurance coverage available, it can be difficult to know which options are the most important to include in your plan. To get you started, here are five of the most important types of insurance coverage you may need for your vehicle.

4 Things You Need to Drive Legally

The number of drivers is increasing in the U.S., making it more important than ever for the general public to take steps to operate their vehicle legally and safely. Take a look at the top four things nearly every driver will need before getting behind the wheel.

Most Common Misconceptions about Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Check out some of the most common myths about EVs. In most cases, what you’ll find is that the truth is nuanced, and public perceptions may still be catching up with advancements in technology.

Top Tips for Avoiding Traffic Tickets

Driving with extra care and alertness will help to prevent the most typical traffic tickets. This will help drivers to keep their car insurance premiums low, elude penalties, and decrease the chance of a crash.

How to Protect Your Vehicle Throughout the Winter

Winter is a challenging time for any vehicle in most parts of the country. Amigo Insurance shares a checklist to help you determine whether your vehicle is fully prepared for the snowy season.

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