Home Renovations on a Tight Budget

With so many people at home these days due to the coronavirus pandemic, everyone’s attention has turned to home projects. But if you’re working with limited funds, can you join the home reno club without breaking the bank? We’re going to show you how you can with some home renovations on a tight budget.

Being at home mostly all day, every day can really bring to light the changes or repairs you’ve been meaning to make around your house.

And keeping your house up to date can really help add to its value as well as keep homeowners insurance costs down from repairs.

But if you’re on a tight budget, how do you pull off home renovations without spending foolishly?

How to Pull off Home Renovations on a Budget

Home renovations don’t have to mean a complete gut job or remodel. Making small changes can actually have a huge impact in the look, feel, and function of your home!

Start by evaluating what doesn’t work. Function should be priority #1 in any home. If you have an old light fixture that doesn’t work anymore or a broken sink in your guest bathroom that can’t be used, those are the things you should give attention to first. Plus, if you plan on selling your house in the near future, those types of repairs could cost your home some value.

Next consider what you don’t like. Are you nauseous at the sight of your pea-green bedroom walls? Or maybe you’ve held onto an old piece of furniture for decades that brings your space back to the 70’s. You don’t want to look for things to hate in your house, but you should be looking for things you no longer love. If you can make small changes or replacements to incorporate more of what you love, you will be happier in your home.

Go through each room and the outside of your house and make a list of everything you’d like to change. Maybe this list will be long, or it might just be a few things. But knowing what you have to work with is important to starting.

Determine Your Budget

Once you see what you want to do in your home, it’s time to see if you can afford it.

Without taking away from needed expenses, how much extra money can you sacrifice for your home renovations? If you find it’s only $200, don’t feel discouraged because there is a lot that can be done with that! Be realistic about your budget, but more importantly, be safe. Only use what you can afford and don’t put yourself in the hole just because you can’t wait to spruce things up.

When you have your budget set aside, cross-reference your list to see what will fit into it. You might find you have enough to pull off several projects and it will be up to you to decide which ones are most important to you.

Enlist Free Help for Home Renovating

One of the biggest costs when doing a repair or renovating project is hiring someone to do it. While some of the bigger, more technical jobs require a professional, there’s a lot that can be done yourself with some good old-fashioned elbow grease. And you’d be surprised what you can learn to do on your own with some online articles and videos.

For many jobs, you can either do it yourself or get some friends or family to come help you for the day. More hands will make quicker work. Just give them a homemade lunch, and they’ll probably be more than willing to help out.

Use What You Already Have

When you own something you don’t like, it might be hard to envision it differently, but a lot of things can be redone for a completely new look. Don’t underestimate the power of a good paint job, some new hardware, a slipcover, or even some furniture rearranging.

Shop Smart

If you’re renovating on a budget, obviously, this isn’t the time for splurging on high-ticket items. You need to use your dollars as wisely as possible. Consider resale, second-hand shops, garage sales, and even salvage yards which can have a huge variety of furniture, hardware, appliances, and more. Also look for sales, floor models, or as-is items from your local stores. Give things a good once-over for damage but remember that a lot can be done with some at-home touch ups and a little TLC.

Ideas for Home Renovations

Maybe you aren’t sure about what exactly you want changed in your home, but you just know you need some updating. We’ve got a list of things you can think about to get you started renovating on a budget. Most can be done for under $100 and with little time or effort.

Inside Your Home

  • Repaint walls
  • Replace or install window curtains
  • Update cabinet and drawer pulls in kitchen, bathroom, or on furniture, like dressers
  • Replace kitchen and/or bathroom faucets
  • Resurface cabinets (think painting or staining techniques)
  • Refinish some furniture (sand that ugly old varnish off and put on a new coat in your favorite stain or paint color)
  • Install or update the kitchen backsplash
  • Re-grout stained, moldy grout in your tub or shower
  • Cover outdated flooring with new do-it-yourself vinyl flooring
  • Cover old couches or chairs with slipcovers

Outside Your Home

  • Power-wash your home’s exterior, including the porch
  • Mow your lawn and edge your sidewalks (be sure to clean up the grass clippings for a clean finish)
  • Plant new shrubbery and flowers
  • Stain a worn or weathered deck or patio
  • Install window shutters
  • Update outdoor lighting
  • Repair broken gutters

Having a tight budget doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. It just means you have to be smart about how you do it. However, you decide to renovate your home, keep in mind these ideas and tips for staying on budget.

If you need to protect your home and all of those upgrades you’re about to make, get a free quote from Amigo Insurance for homeowners insurance, something you don’t ever want to do without. We help you find a rate that fits your budget and your needs!

Home Renovations on a Tight Budget
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