Best Midwestern Road Trips to Take This Fall

Don’t let summer road trips get all the attention. Tourists and Midwesterners alike should make plans each fall to experience the region’s many scenic, winding roads, nature preserves, and, of course, the changing colors of the radiant fall leaves. The area is rich in history as well as beautiful local routes if you’re looking for a fun autumn drive with friends.

As long as your car is in good shape and you’re fully protected with comprehensive car insurance, then hitting the road for a day or more is an ideal way to experience a whole spectrum of spectacular autumn landscapes.

We have a few ideas on where to get started.

Explore National Scenic Byways in Wisconsin and Beyond

National Scenic Byways offer a variety of attractions, from charming farms and villages to lakes and forest preserves. Some of the most popular byways run from the Upper Peninsula to the Lower Peninsula in Wisconsin. Three to consider include:

  • U.S. Route 16
  • Highway 12
  • Highway 20

What makes these roads special is that they give travelers an opportunity off the beaten path to explore the natural beauty and sites from the comfort of their vehicle. Some wind through forests, past rivers, and over tall bluffs. Others lead through farmland and small historic towns.

The landscape of Wisconsin is known for offering motorists a variety of views, from rolling hills to picturesque villages, particularly this time of year. Whether you are looking for a quiet drive or a challenging adventure, Wisconsin has something for everyone.

Ohio River Scenic Byway

Some of the best drives take place where the roads are winding and intersections are few. But ones like the Ohio River Scenic Byway are known for their historic value as well as the great views. This popular route consists of hundreds of miles of road that traverse through southern Indiana and past amazing views of the Ohio River’s serene shoreline.

In addition to its interesting history, the area features caves to explore, vibrant hillsides, and even limestone bluffs so visitors can get out of their cars, stretch, and do a little hiking.

Take a Beautiful Fall Drive from Indiana to Illinois

Naturally, the Land of Lincoln has many historic spots related to the former president. But while Indiana is known for many things, it sometimes gets overlooked when it comes to autumn beauty. In fact, the state is rich in history and its own unique scenic routes that are worth visiting if you’re looking for something different. Its country roads will take you through the countryside to hilly villages, or through gravel back roads if that’s your style.

In addition, the Midwest is known for its historic bridges, many of which are still in use today. Check out the Tulip Viaduct (Or Tulip Trestle), a historic railroad bridge in Indiana that is one of the longest of its kind in the world.

No matter where you go, miles of beautiful trees will be changing color. Bring friends and family so you can enjoy other activities the area has to offer, from ones out in nature (like hiking, camping, horseback riding and off-road biking) to local food, crafts, and live entertainment.

Get Comprehensive Auto Insurance & A Tuneup Before Your Next Road Trip

Amigo Insurance is located in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Texas, and Mexico, all of which provide beautiful scenery for you and your fellow passengers to enjoy on your next road trip. Speak to an agent so you know you have just what your family needs but aren’t overpaying for unnecessary services.

And don’t forget to give your car some TLC, as well. As lovely as autumn road trips can be, those leaves and debris can break down and make their way into your car if you’re not vigilant about cleaning and routine maintenance. So be sure to give your car a tuneup before and after any major road trips so you know your vehicle is in tip top shape.

At Amigo, one of our agents will provide you with a free quote on the most appropriate coverage for your needs. Ask about the best auto insurance protection to have while on the road.

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