Why Set up an Annual Car Insurance Review

When was the last time you had a review with your auto insurance provider? Many people miss out on this opportunity to have a casual chat with an agent, both to get all their questions answered and to make sure they’re getting what they need in their insurance plan.

When scheduled annually, an auto insurance review is an opportunity to ensure you’re getting the services you need – and also that you’re not spending dollars on coverage that isn’t serving you or your family. There’s no one issue that has to come up. As the owner of insurance, you get to bring up what is important to you. As a rule, you’ll get more out of it by taking a thorough look at your insurance coverage with an expert (the auto insurance agent).

In many cases, people bundle home and auto policies. They can ask about policies that either are already, or should be protecting, their:

  1. Vehicles (car, truck, motorcycle or other)
  2. Family members
  3. Home
  4. Other valuables
  5. Rate comparisons

How to Prepare for Your Annual Review

Your insurance package should be able to cover some or all of the expenses resulting from an accident or other event. But there are many types of packages for different types of driver, needs and circumstances. This call will be a chance to make sure that the policy you’re paying p[remiums for each month matches your situation as much as possible. Most people use this conversation as an opportunity to ask questions about their plan and to find out whether they’re getting the best rates possible. Talking to an agent will remind you of things that may have changed in the last year that warrant an adjustment. You might even end up saving a few dollars.

Before contacting an insurance agent, make a list of questions beforehand so you cover all your bases. As part of a comprehensive coverage package, ask about:

  1. Collision coverage
  2. Liability insurance
  3. Personal injury coverage

There may be other types of coverage needed whether based on changes in your household or specific upcoming events. Uninsured and underinsured motorist protection, travel insurance, and other temporary coverage can be added or subtracted depending on your circumstances and needs.

What Else to Ask About in Your Review

Many things can change in the course of a year, from the number of driving age family members living in your household, to a job that changes your commute, to your home address. Here are some factors to keep an eye on and bring up during your review. SImply let the person you’re speaking with know what has changed, or may change in the coming months, and ask whether anything should be added or removed from your policy:

  • A change in address
  • A new teen driver
  • A new car purchase
  • A significant change in driving habits
  • An accident or event that may have impacted your rates
  • A birthday – even your own – that may lower them

Amigo Insurance Helps Drivers Compare Quotes for Best Policy

A review with an experienced agent at Amigo will get you the answers you need based on their expertise and knowledge. Ultimately, it creates a more informed consumer and can also control the costs you could incur if there is an accident or event that damages your vehicle.

Any time there is any significant change to a person’s driving habits, that can be a sign to get in touch with an insurance agent. If there’s anything else related to your insurance that you have lingering questions about, an insurance agent should be able to discuss your options. And even if they don’t know the answer, they will likely be able to direct you to the person who can. Meanwhile, keep in mind that failing to carry auto insurance – thinking it will save you dollars – can have the opposite effect, causing the driver to cough up money for repairs out of pocket and lead to potential legal penalties, as well.

At Amigo, our agents are ready to help you compare quotes and find the best deal available! They will help you find an excellent insurance plan that covers all your auto needs.

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