What if I don’t have a drivers license, can I still get auto insurance?

Auto insurance is a necessary part of your driving credibility. Rules and regulations should be followed with utmost care but there are times when unfortunate things and situations arise. These may comprise accidents on roads and serious complications. Auto insurance is the best way to secure your financial position and provide a secure base during the times it is most needed, even if you are not a licensed driver.

Auto insurance is a mandatory inclusion in the household in the State of Illinois. Generally people who are in need of auto insurance often fail to comply with all the rules mentioned to get the insurance. This is the place where people belonging to the group of non-driving license falls in. There are many companies in Illinois that offer auto insurance for people who don’t have a driver’s license.

Just so that you know:

  • Whoever is found guilty for causing the accident shall be responsible for paying the damages and medical bills for every injured passenger involved, licensed or not.
  • You are liable for bearing the property loss and the medical loss for every member, whether in your vehicle or on the other person’s vehicle.
  • Multiple injuries incur the cost of the damage being separately distributed among the people who were involved in the accident.

A company that takes the risk of insuring a person without a driver’s license is prompt to be liable for damages caused by such person in exchange for a premium in case of an accident.

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