Auto Insurance for Your Teenage Driver

Your family has finally arrived at the time in your lives where you have a teenage driver in the home. Your teen has passed the tests, logged their practice hours and is now ready to drive solo. While you may be ready to panic at the thought, comprehensive auto insurance coverage can set your mind at ease.

But, it can be stressful finding coverage that fits your teen’s unique needs and your family’s budget.

Auto insurance for teens is usually more expensive. This is because teens represent a very big risk for insurance providers. New drivers don’t have the same experience as seasoned drivers. High odds exist that your teen could have an auto accident in their first few years of driving. Therefore, it pays to invest in a high level of protection to keep them safe and avoid putting your family assets at risk.

Find the Right Car Insurance Policy for Your Teen Driver

Purchasing an auto insurance policy for your teen can be pricey if you aren’t sure where to begin. Before you start your search, ask yourself if you want to add your teen to your own policy or if you’ll buy them separate coverage.

Adding Your Teen to Your Policy

Adding your teen to your existing policy is often the most affordable option for your family. On average, you can save over $3,000 per year when you combine coverage for everyone in the family. When you add your new driver to an existing policy you will also likely qualify for discounts. Those discounts can help ease the cost of a teen driver taking to the open road.

Do your research before investing in car insurance coverage for your teen. We can help you to look for different discounts that may be available including good student discounts, safe driving courses and driving contracts.

Benefits of Comprehensive Coverage for Teen Drivers

Car accidents are the leading cause of death for teens aged 16 to 19 in the US. Drivers who fall into that age group are 3 times as likely than drivers aged 20 or older to have a fatal crash. With such an increased accident risk, it makes sense that insurance costs for teens are much higher than other drivers. With a comprehensive car insurance policy, you can help protect your teens in the event of an accident and give your family peace of mind.

We’ve got you covered. Call Amigo Insurance Agency, Inc at 877-999-2644 for a free Chicago auto insurance quote. One of our agents can help you determine the best way to insure your teens.

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