Traveling in Mexico? You Need Auto Insurance

Whenever you hit the road, you need auto insurance. This is especially true when you venture to an unfamiliar location. When you travel, you face risks that you may not ordinarily encounter. That’s why this coverage is so important. But, when you travel outside of the U.S., you may find that your standard auto insurance does not cover you.

Americans may travel into Mexico on vacation or even everyday business. However, what you may not realize is that Mexican law does not recognize most forms of U.S. auto insurance. However, going without auto insurance in Mexico is just as risky as going without auto insurance in the U.S.

Driving Qualifications for Mexico

If you plan to drive in Mexico, you have to the first take steps to ensure that you have the correct qualifications to operate in the foreign jurisdiction.

The good news is that Mexico recognizes the U.S. driver’s licenses. Still, U.S. drivers usually also need passports, visas or other documents to legally enter Mexico. Also, depending on where you drive, you may have to get an import permit to bring your vehicle into Mexico.

But, along with these requirements, you must get insurance as well.

Getting Mexican Auto Insurance

Mexico, like the U.S., requires most drivers to carry auto insurance. If Americans fail to carry the appropriate foreign insurance, they may face severe penalties from Mexican authorities. Penalties may include impoundment of vehicles or even jail time.

American drivers in Mexico can usually get Mexican insurance before they leave home. Many American brokers work closely with reputable Mexican insurance companies to issue policies. These policies will meet all Mexican insurance requirements. They should contain:

  • Liability coverage, similar to the third-party liability coverage of American policies
  • Medical payments coverage for those in your vehicle
  • Travel assistance similar to roadside assistance
  • Legal assistance coverage, in case a legal problem arises relating to the accident

Drivers may also be able to add extra protection like theft or collision coverage.

Many Mexican insurance policies can cover drivers in both short- and long-term increments. American drivers should talk to an experienced insurance agent before buying a policy. The agent can help the driver determine the appropriate coverage limits for Mexican driving.

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