Avoiding Reckless Driving Charges and SR-22 Requirements

Reckless driving demonstrates risk to the authorities and insurance companies. Reckless driving may harm drivers, their vehicles, personal property and others on the road.

A state may require reckless drivers to get a SR-22 certificate. A SR-22 certificate is not an insurance policy. It is a certificate that verifies for the state that a driver has an active auto insurance policy.

SR-22s remain on a driving record and auto insurance policies for a couple of years. Drivers have to maintain active auto insurance for the entire SR-22 period.

If an insurance policy lapses, the SR-22 becomes void. If drivers continue to receive reckless driving charges, the SR-22 period may start over. Drivers may even face harsher driving penalties.

Drivers should do everything they can to avoid a reckless driving charge. Take a look at some of the ways to reduce this risk, and also cut the chances of getting an SR-22.

1. Brush Up On Unfamiliar Laws

Many of us cannot fully understand the myriad of state driving laws. We may not understand certain signs, right of way laws or speed requirements. Accidentally breaking one of these laws may lead to a reckless driving charge.

All drivers should periodically refresh their basic knowledge of state driving laws. Reviewing the state driving handbook or passing a defensive driving course may help them learn to be safer on the road.

2. Put Down the Mobile Devices

Multiple states penalize distracted drivers for reckless driving. A common distraction is mobile device use. Texting while driving may lead to accidents, speeding and potentially deadly harm to others. Never use mobile devices while driving.

Another common cause of distracted driving is impaired driving. Never drive while intoxicated or under the influence of illegal or prescription drugs.

3. Have Vision and Hearing Tests

Many states require vision or hearing tests for drivers to obtain a license. If drivers don’t pass these tests, they could pose driving risks. Proper vision and hearing help make sure a driver can react and avoid potential hazards. Drivers should never hit the road without wearing glasses, contacts or hearing devices required of them.

Finally, drivers should take the time to check their insurance coverage. If they don’t carry auto coverage that meet’s their state’s requirements, they could face driving charges. This may include the requirement to get an SR-22. Never hit the road without a policy that can adequately cover vehicular risks.

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