Avoiding Costly Accidents When Driving in Mexico

Driving in Mexico means that Americans have a responsibility to follow Mexican law. If they don’t, they could experience an accident. This could cause problems between drivers and Mexican authorities. Not only will accidents likely result in hassles, they may lead to out-of-pocket costs that need specialized insurance.

American drivers should take steps to reduce vehicle accident risks if they drive in Mexico.

1. Familiarize Yourself With Mexican Driving Laws

In many ways, driving in Mexico is much the same as driving in the U.S. However, driving laws vary from place to place. Different signage, road structures and toll capacities may all confuse American drivers. Americans should also familiarize themselves with common Mexican driving practices before they drive. Print and online resources can help drivers prepare for their adventure south of the border.

Furthermore, Americans shouldn’t assume that all driving rules will have English translations. Mexico’s primary language is Spanish. The further you venture from the border, the more likely you are to encounter signage and other rules exclusively in Spanish.

2. Get the Right Driving Paperwork

Mexico recognizes U.S. drivers licenses as valid. However, Americans often have to get other paperwork to operate in the country.

Americans may need passports, visas, import permits and proof of Mexican insurance to enter the country. This paperwork can help clear up accident-related questions and support your right to drive.

3. Get Mexican Auto Insurance

If you have an accident in Mexico, it may lead to costs and liabilities like those you face in the states. You may want to use auto insurance to help you mitigate these damages.

Mexico does not recognize U.S. auto insurance policies. Therefore, American drivers need a specialized policy when driving in this country. Failing to carry Mexican insurance when driving may result in significant problems. American drivers may be unable to afford repairs to their vehicles. Furthermore, they may face arrest or charges because they don’t have auto insurance.

Many American insurers work with reputable Mexican insurance companies to issue policies to international drivers. Your local insurer may be able to issue you a policy in conjunction with that Mexican company. You can often adjust your policy to make sure it contains all the coverage you need to drive in Mexico. Furthermore, drivers can often only make these policies active during the duration of their trip to Mexico. This can help them only pay for the coverage when they need it.

If you need Mexican auto insurance, look no further. Call Amigo Insurance Agency, Inc at (877) 999-2644 and we can help you get a policy specific to international driving.

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